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Imagine uniting a magnificent squad of exceptional humans and forging them into an unstoppable force. A band of heroes ready to take on any challenge and emerge victorious.

That's the aim of Project Hero. We're bringing the superheroes to you with our thrilling training camps, workshops, and missions. Our goal is to nurture the inner superhero in your little champions and equip them with the skills to save the world.

Are you ready to join the ranks of the mighty?



Get ready to unleash the superhero within! Our Standard Experiences offer a thrilling adventure that includes

  • one superhero of your choice,

  • exciting themed games and activities,

  • and an official initiation of the birthday super with a cape and framed certificate.

  • Our character attendant will be your trusty guide,

  • and we'll travel up to 30 km from Midrand to your party location.

  • And don't worry about the formalities - we'll help with "Happy Birthday," cake cutting, and all the rest.


This one-hour adventure is perfect for up to 20 heroic kids.

Price: R2357.00

Elevate Your Superhero Party with these Amazing Entertainment Add-Ons:

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