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"How do I prep for your visit?" "Which character do you think we should get?" "What time is perfect for your visit?" "Where do I even start with a party?"

"I don't know...."

I didn't know either. I walked into this business as an unemployed 21 year old university drop out. Today I am six years into a business that I never expected I'd be in - making dreams come true.

Frequently asked questions like the above, are what made me decide to start writing a blog. A blog specially for you mommies (or dads) trying to plan a party and not even knowing where to start. Here I will tell you all about the parties we attend, the lessons I've learnt while planning, how to plan the perfect party, how to choose the perfect theme, venue and character package, how to prepare for a character visit, I'd even help you overcome worst case scenarios like rain, illness or moving your party!

I want to help you make every moment of your little one's special day absolutely perfect, making sure each magical detail is in place and alleviate your stress when booking services like entertainment, activities and more so you don't ever have to say "I don't know"

My goal is not to monetize this blog or have you waste your time reading pages and pages of my life story, so I will try to get to the point as soon as I can. I will help you with checklists, straight to the point answers and all the info you need.

Is there something you want me to write about? Comment it below!

I'm looking forward to making your party planning experience super easy and extra magical.

Warm Hugs

Princess Maggie


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